On the Road in Cuba is a professional company that provides a sensational combination of learning, fun and adventure. Our packages are affordable for young, old or in between, families, retired folks or student travelers. On the Road offers something for everyone looking for knowledge and fun. We offer Spanish lessons while the students will be traveling around the country. The students will learn basic, intermediate and advanced communication techniques in Spanish language and they will also have the possibility to practice with locals. The student will be accommodated in guest houses (Bed & Breakfast) and he/she will have the possibility to choose his/her meal plan and the kind of food.
We accomplish a good reputation, lots of information and extensive market connections not just in Cuba, but also in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Accommodation, meal plans, tours around cities, transportation, and some leisure activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, bicycle riding, horseback riding, etc. will be provided.

Why go?
Ah…Cuba has a fascinating history, wrapped up in an erudite museums and foresighted restoration projects, and tremendous culture. Don’t miss the possibility to see with your own eyes a huge street theater where the fresh smithereens of everyday life go all around you.